3 steps to perfect cupcakes!

I know it sounds so easy, but there is a trick to baking the perfect cupcakes every time. Here are three things to keep in mind everytime you bake a batch of cupcakes that will yield the best cupcakes:

1. Always use greaseproof baking cups and fill each one 2/3 full (and use the best ingredients available, your end product will turn out that much yummier).

Don’t overfill, your batter will spill over your pan and make a horrible mess. I always use an ice-cream scoop for uniform sized cupcakes, and it holds just the right amount of batter.

2. Always use the middle rack in your oven, be sure to bake one pan at a time.

3. Be sure to remove the cupcakes from the pan as soon as they have cooled down.

Voila! Easy and perfect cupcakes every time and a perfect canvas for those little masterpieces!

Hope this helps! Happy Baking!


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