My Sweet Journey!

Yesterday, I was invited to lunch by my two girl friends….What I thought would end up as the usual salad and soup turned out to be a delectable feast of the palate and eyes!

After a little debate, we ALL decided we were in the mood for some really good noodles and tempura..My friend knew of just the place…  Next thing I know we pull up in front of this HUGE Japanese Market..Yes..SUPER market… ?

As I walk in..I see the typical produce stands, nothing out of the ordinary…still a bit confused, she nudges me towards the back of the store..OMG! a bakery food court!

This is what I first saw…


MOCHI! In every single color and flavor imaginable!.. Mochi is a traditional Japanese (sticky) sweet rice cake and is made in many flavors. I thought I had died and gone to heaven..


And then even more pastry cases with sweet delectable treats..who wanted lunch? Dessert looks fine to me!

But before heading over for lunch (yes..a HUGE food court too)..I saw mult- technicolored aisle after aisle of yummy sweet candy…


and more candy…


and even more candy…  I was a goner for sure.. my eyes were as big as saucers !

But then I saw this!

SUSHI! I never saw so much sushi in my life! Every single variety that exists, I am sure.


Breath taking!

Image NOW I was hungry…

Tempura anyone? There was shrimp, sweet potato, onion, zucchini, and things I couldn’t quite recognize..but looked good..Hey….anything tastes good if its fried!  🙂


The variety was astounding…so many eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach…

That was too much for me to take in an hour …really.

I was finally able to calm myself down long enough to eat what I came here for…Noodles and Tempura!


Delicious! You know I made room for dessert…

Have a great day!  🙂



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