Spiderman Birthday Cake!

This was so much fun to put together and decorate. This was for my son’s birthday a bit ago when he was completey obsessed with everything Spiderman (slippers, pj’s, underwear, toothbrush, etc.) , he even thought if he drank more water that he would be able to shoot out webs from his wrists like spiderman? really …
He would climb everyting and anything and wonder why he wasn’t “sticking”…so we used to put duct tape on the bottom of his feet and hands…for a little more “grip”…yeah..that was a very consuming and interesting phase…
The cake was chocolate with chocolate fudge buttercream that I frosted in red buttercream frosting.
For the webs on Spidey’s face and bust I used black royal icing which literally dries to the touch (I love royal icing!)
Its funny because I remember that Spiderman’s face was like twice the size of my son’s! A little too “life-size”
sigh…I miss my son’s Spiderman’s phase…  😦
Have a great night!

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