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Coolest Cake Recipe Converter Ever!

I just stumbled across the coolest conversion calculator ever!

 It’s called “The CakeOmeter”!

You can use it to convert recipe proportions! If you have a recipe for an 8″ cake, but you need to bake a 12″ cake, all you have to do is check out The CakeOmeter!

You type in the ingredients, what size cake pan the calls for, then what size cake pan you want to bake in and it converts your recipe for you!

 Hopefully this will help make your baking a lot easier!

 Click here for The CakeOmeter!

Have a great day!



Halloween Baking Goodies!

As you know, I love anything Halloween…the colors, the decorating, the baking….

We have many Halloween baking goodies at the shop and are offering 10% off storewide, use coupon code: BOO10.
Your source for everything Halloween baking such as: cupcake wrappers, baker’s twine, sanding sugar, cookie cutters, gel colors, baking cups…
Stock up now for YOUR Halloween baking !
Have a great day!

Halloween Cupcakes – Part 3

I was a little occupied yesterday baking and decorating these little Halloween guys..and it was so much fun..  🙂

I love working with reminds of the days when I used to play with play-doh..

Have a great day!


Orange and Lime Green!

I am completely enamored with this color combination! (my favorite color combo of the week)…

I am baking for a birthday party this weekend and the colors are orange and lime first I thought really?
But then my apprehension quickly turned into love…the goody bags, the all tied in together so well…who would have thought right? 🙂 aahhhh………..
Get  your orange and lime goodies at the shop:

Day of the Dead!

I just love decorating for Day of the Dead.
Sugar skulls aren’t just a cool hippy trend, they are part of the Mexican holiday, “Dia de los Muertos” which officially begins on November 1st.
This holiday remembers and honors deceased and loved ones.

This was my Day of the Dead display from last year, can’t wait to start with this year’s and make some sugar skulls!

Check out soon for sugar skull making supplies and tutorials on how we make ours!

Mason Jar Love!

OMG! I have been dying to show you these..These are the cutest jars ever and can be used for nearly everything!
My very dear and amazing friend Bonnie sent these to me as a gift and I am going bananas over them!…
I plan on using mine as little Thank You Halloween gifts for my son’s teachers.
You need to check out Bonnie’s creativity at  and her shop at
The super cute Halloween tags are from my friend Heather’s awesome shop,
Thank you Bonnie and Heather!
Have a great night!

Halloween Cupcakes – Part 2

Halloween Cupcakes – Part 2

So my house all decked out for Halloween..! Yay..!!!

but kind of cooky because even my kids are telling me to relax because its not even October yet…yikes…  🙂

I baked this little batch of cupcakes for my neighbor who was craving something sweet and Halloween-y and needed some cheering up…These cupcakes are her favorite, chocolate chocolate with whipped creamcheese vanilla buttercream..can’t go wrong there!  :0)

Have a great day!