{Tutorial} Gumpaste Jack-o-Lantern

Let the Halloween baking begin!

I was recently asked to do a quick tutorial on how to make a gumpaste Jack-O-Lantern that you could make very easily and adorn your spooky halloween cupcakes with.

Here it is:

Tools/Materials needed:

Work surface

Flower veining tool

Exacto knife

Gum paste


Colored Gel Paste in: orange, black, and green

Cornstarch for dusting

Corn syrup or water for glue

Step 1:

Color Gumpaste ball using colored gel paste with the tip of a toothpick. Shape the orange gumpaste into a ball and pinch off a small amount for the nose.



Step 2:

Use the flower veining tool to texture the segments, then push in the top of the pumpkin to give it a flattened look.


Step 3:

Use the veining tool to texture the wiggley mouth


Step 4:

Shape the nose into a cone and bend using the veining tool. Attach with edible glue. Make large triangular sockets for the eyes with your exacto knife.


Step 5:

Push balls of white gumpaste into the eye sockets and form into small triangles.


Step 6:

Make a small ball of black gumpaste and adhere it to the corner of each eye for the pupils


Step 7:

Shape a tooth out of the white gumpaste and attach to the mouth with edible glue


Step 8:

Make the pumpkin stalk using green paste and the flower veining tool to texture the sides


Step 9:

Use offcuts to make the little vines “worms” of gumpaste by smoothing them in the palm of your hand to form coils. Adhere with edible glue


Step 10:

Ready to sit on top of a yummy cupcake!


A cute little Jack-O-Lantern and his family  🙂

Have a great day!



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