Awesome Bakery – Fav’s Treatery

I am so excited to boast about one of my favorite bakeries and pastry chefs ever, “Fav’s Treatery” (pronounced faves).  A delectable creation by partners Mehdi Youcef and Michael Bagley.  All their sweets are gastronomic wonders to both the eye and palette.
The goodies are endless and if Mehdi’s buttery and flaky Parisian Croissant filled with delicious crème custard, glazed with an Apricot wash, topped with sliced almonds, and sprinkled with powdered sugar doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what else will.  🙂
Cupcakes galore! Red Velvet w/cream cheese, Chocolate w/whipped Peanut Butter, white on white and vanilla on chocolate and of course Fav’s signature Chocolate cupcake with Lavender frosting, drooling yet?  🙂

Fav’s Treatery” has two  locations and  is a MUST when traveling to New York or New Jersey.


You need to check out this amazing bakery with all their goodies!


facebook page:

Congratulations Mehdi and Michael :0)

Have a great day!



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