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Awesome Children’s Cookbook by Christina Dymock

Awesome Children’s Cookbook by Christina Dymock.


Awesome Children’s Cookbook by Christina Dymock

You have to check out my sweet friend Christina Dymock’s children’s cookbook, “Young Chefs”. Christina knows what she is talking about as she also has her own blog, “  Her cookbook is colorful, illustrative and has tons of great recipes your young chefs would love .  The pictures in the cookbook are amazing! The instructions are very easy to follow and you don’t need a ton of specialty items to make any of the yummy recipes!  A huge plus when mommy doesn’t want to get out of her pj’s to go to the grocery store!

I invited my sweet friend’s daughter to “officially” review the cook book herself (a true baker) and give me her honest opinion. Before I knew it, she had “flagged” at least half of the cookbook with recipes she was dying to try. Her favorite recipe? The “Lemon Shark bars”.  I was so lucky because I even got to taste a few! So yummy!

Great cookbook and can’t wait for all of you to get your own copy! Thanks for sharing your masterpiece with us Christina!