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Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muertos Cupcake Baking Kits!



Check these out!

We have the cutest Day of the Dead baking kits, perfect for all your spooky cupcake baking events. Comes with Cupcake tags, baking cups, icing tip, Sticks, icing gel, and piping bags! Check them out at


Bubble Bash Birthday Party!

Bubble Love!

This year for my friend’s little 3 year old birthday party, she wanted to throw a bubble bash birthday theme where everything was white and pink!  So cute!



A table of yummy goodies was laid out for all the guests to enjoy. Jars full of vanilla meringues, white buttermints, and pearly gumballs adorned one side of the table while on the other side were lemon cupakes topped with a tinted pink lemon cream cheese frosting, chocolate cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting and pink swirly lollipops and bottles of bubbles for all to enjoy.

2012-10-06_14-34-36_561 (640x366)

The cake was a white vanilla cake tinted pink that I covered in white fondant and white fondant circle cut-outs. The bubbles on top of the cake were made out of little balls that I rolled out of fondant as well.

2012-10-06_14-33-47_189 (573x640)

The table skirt I made using 40 yards of white tulle. yikes!

Guests didn’t leave empty handed. Little organza bags were filled with treats and sweets.

There was also a ice cream bar that we set up where all the little guests had their choice of sprinkles and sweets!

Re-create this party:

Styling and Production: Just Sugar Coat It

Banner and tag printables: Press Print Party

Cake and Cupcakes: Just Sugar Coat It

Items used in this party available at Just Sugar Coat It:

Pink and White dots baking cups, piping tips, and Cake Pop Stands (for the lollipop display)

Paper Baking Cups Christmas Trees!

Baking Cup Christmas Trees!
How super cute are these from our new friends over at

Paper Christmas Tree    7
Yet another creative use for my favorite baking item! Baking Cups!
We have a huge variety of holiday baking cups for this cute decoration idea!

Get yours at the holiday shop!

Happy Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos!

I love decorating for Day of the Dead! So much fun! Here is my little display.  🙂

{Tutorial} Gumpaste Jack-o-Lantern

Let the Halloween baking begin!

I was recently asked to do a quick tutorial on how to make a gumpaste Jack-O-Lantern that you could make very easily and adorn your spooky halloween cupcakes with.

Here it is:

Tools/Materials needed:

Work surface

Flower veining tool

Exacto knife

Gum paste


Colored Gel Paste in: orange, black, and green

Cornstarch for dusting

Corn syrup or water for glue

Step 1:

Color Gumpaste ball using colored gel paste with the tip of a toothpick. Shape the orange gumpaste into a ball and pinch off a small amount for the nose.



Step 2:

Use the flower veining tool to texture the segments, then push in the top of the pumpkin to give it a flattened look.


Step 3:

Use the veining tool to texture the wiggley mouth


Step 4:

Shape the nose into a cone and bend using the veining tool. Attach with edible glue. Make large triangular sockets for the eyes with your exacto knife.


Step 5:

Push balls of white gumpaste into the eye sockets and form into small triangles.


Step 6:

Make a small ball of black gumpaste and adhere it to the corner of each eye for the pupils


Step 7:

Shape a tooth out of the white gumpaste and attach to the mouth with edible glue


Step 8:

Make the pumpkin stalk using green paste and the flower veining tool to texture the sides


Step 9:

Use offcuts to make the little vines “worms” of gumpaste by smoothing them in the palm of your hand to form coils. Adhere with edible glue


Step 10:

Ready to sit on top of a yummy cupcake!


A cute little Jack-O-Lantern and his family  🙂

Have a great day!


Coolest Cake Recipe Converter Ever!

I just stumbled across the coolest conversion calculator ever!

 It’s called “The CakeOmeter”!

You can use it to convert recipe proportions! If you have a recipe for an 8″ cake, but you need to bake a 12″ cake, all you have to do is check out The CakeOmeter!

You type in the ingredients, what size cake pan the calls for, then what size cake pan you want to bake in and it converts your recipe for you!

 Hopefully this will help make your baking a lot easier!

 Click here for The CakeOmeter!

Have a great day!


Day of the Dead!

I just love decorating for Day of the Dead.
Sugar skulls aren’t just a cool hippy trend, they are part of the Mexican holiday, “Dia de los Muertos” which officially begins on November 1st.
This holiday remembers and honors deceased and loved ones.

This was my Day of the Dead display from last year, can’t wait to start with this year’s and make some sugar skulls!

Check out soon for sugar skull making supplies and tutorials on how we make ours!