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Orange and Turquoise Vintage Teddy Bear Birthday Party!


I was recently asked by my friend to bake and decorate for her little girl’s 2nd birthday party. I knew just the color combo I wanted to use, orange and turquoise! I love the contrast of the two colors!

The cute cupcake toppers I got my very talented friend over at frogprincepaperie.com

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Have a great day! Marcella  🙂


Orange and Lime Green!

I am completely enamored with this color combination! (my favorite color combo of the week)…

I am baking for a birthday party this weekend and the colors are orange and lime green..at first I thought really?
But then my apprehension quickly turned into love…the goody bags, the twine..it all tied in together so well…who would have thought right? 🙂 aahhhh………..
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Halloween Cupcakes – Part 1

ImageI love baking for Halloween..and I love how vintage-y these cat and owl cupcake tags look…These little guys are chocolate fudge cupcakes with Marshmallow frosting that I dyed orange….
Not a single one left un-eaten in my house..!

Let the baking begin!

My Halloween Obsession!

It’s September 1st and I am so so excited..so you are probably wondering why right?

Okay, a little about me…Halloween is my ultimate all time super-duper favorite Holiday ever! I am Halloween obessed! I get so excited just looking at the colors orange and black..I know, I know..a little cuckoo right? 🙂  ugh.

But now thats it’s September, I can officially start spooking out my house, whip out the Halloween decorations and get in the Halloween spirit… You know, I need at LEAST 2 months’ worth of Halloween decorating…I need to stretch out the spookiness as long as possible…

And to get you all in the mood as well, check out these great Halloween-baking cups..so many possibilities…and yes..I am seriously going to start some baking tonight! :0)  Get your stash here: www.justsugarcoatit.com

But be warned…THERE is much MUCH more Halloween-ery coming your way…

Have a great day!


Hot Pink and Orange?

Hot Pink and Orange?

I know right? Sounds so odd about these two colors together, but I have to tell you…they work so well together. This weekend I was baking cupcakes for someone using this color scheme..and I am in LOVE! they are my new favorite color combination! (at least for this week anyway) …


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